Awards/Honors and Congratulations



Congratulations Greenies!

Florida Bandmasters Association District Music Performance

Marching Band – Straight Superiors

Concert Band –

Wind Ensemble – 

Jazz Band –

All County Dance Team

The following students have been selected to participate in the All-County Dance Recital.  This recital is made up of Lee County’s finest Dancers.

Jessie Anthony, Emma Archambault, Brianna Collins, Lauren Ellington, Megan Gustason, Jamie Harris, Molly Heyner, Tiffany Mixon, Lauren Ratz and Olivia Yang  – Ashley Thibault 

All-State Musicians


Cynthia Sheng and Elbert Wu for auditioning and making the Florida Music Educators Association All-State Orchestra.  In addition, Kelsey Trent was selected as an All-State Choir Member.  Congratulations All-County Musicians 

Congratulations All-County Honor Band Musicians 

The following students were selected to represent Lee County Finest musicians in the All-County Honor Band.  These students are:  Klarice Burge, Joshua Casciano, Alex Cohen, Emma Heise, Rachel Fisher, Keshawn Hart, Rachel Hujsa, Dapheline Jocelin, Jalen Luna,  Natalie Mann, Carrie Marshall, Ryan McGary, Liam Mintier, Jesse Mudgett, Grace O Connor, Kelsey Trent, Mario Tumasionis, and Aliya Zuberi. 

Congratulations All-County Honor Orchestra Musician 

The following students were selected to represent Lee County Finest musicians in the All-County Honor Orchestra.  This student is:

Riley Sheffield, Viola


Community Performances:

Football games and playoffs – Marching Band

Edison Home – March Band

Pride and Patriotism Concert – Full Symphony Orchestra

Rotary Club – Jazz Band

Fort Myers Keyboard Festival

Dunes Mardi Gras Parade – Pep Band

Veterans Day Parade – Drum Line and Dance Team

Allen Park Elementary Reading Day Parade – Full Marching Band

Lee County School Board NEAF Celebration – Marching Band

Lee County School District National Celebration – Marching Band

Heart Walk – Drum Line and Dance Team

Seven Lake Country Club – Jazz Band

Gala Concert – Full Symphony, Concert Band, and Jazz Band

Holiday Courtyard Concert – Full Symphony, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Choir Program, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble and Dance Team

Middle School Young Musician Recognition Night – Marching Band

Edison Pageant of Light Parade – Marching Band

Junior Parade – Marching Band


Community Outreach Programs – Bringing area young orchestral musicians into a Rock Performance of a lifetime.  The purpose is to expose orchestral musicians and community members into a world of orchestral non-classical setting…there is more to the orchestra than sitting down.


Greenwave Palooza II – The goal is to bring professional bands to Lee County to ensure that Arts are still alive and well.


International Performance

London New Year’s Celebration


New Year’s Day BBC LIVE (5 am) Performance – Marching Band shown on 250 stations worldwide

New Year’s Day Parade – Marching Band –  Seven Times larger than Macy’s Parade and viewed by 7 Million this year

Gala Concert Series – Full Symphony


Tri-M Community Service Project

Collected food for Community Food Bank

Band Booster Scholarship Fund

Drum Major Leadership Camp – two students

DCI Marching Camp – Five students

London New Year’s Day Parade – 16 students



The following students auditioned last night and were selected to be a member of the All-County Jazz Band.  These members are:  Joshua Casciano, Alex Cohen, Quinten Paul, Jackson Verley, and Aliya Zuberi.   There are only 18 members total selected.  Congratulations to these outstanding Jazz Musicians!





Congratulations to the following student for performing at the District Music and Dance Assessment this past weekend.  These students received the highest rating possible at their Assessment.  Congratulations to:


Kristina Allen, Gwyneth Anderson, Jessica Anthony(2), Emma Archambault(2, Ema Badeau(2), Mallory Bennett, Lily Borror(2), Shawnnisha Carter(2), Miana Chancey(2), Arushi Chandok(2), Brianna Collins, Paige Dannenhauer, Priyanka Devaguptapu, Tamyra Diggs(2), Hannah Dochinger(2), Katerria DuBose(2), Lauren Ellingto, Melanie Farmar(2), Isabella Favale(2), Rachel Fisher, Kaitlynn Friscoe(2),Maria Gomez

Abbie Grossman(2), Karla Gures, Megan Gustason(2), Jamie Harris(2), Emma Heise, Gabriella Hesse(2), Molly Heyner(2),Rachel Hujsa(3), Dapheline Jocelin, Ariana Johnson(2), Natalie Johnson(2), Joseph Kowalski, Lauryn Levy, Samantha Levin(2), DaKiriya Lias(2), Jaymie Likus, Jalen Luna, Natalie Mahn, Sukriti Maniktala(2), Carrie Marshall(2), Alyssa Mehrberg(2), Savannah McDermott(2), Marissa McIver(2), Claire Minoui(2), Tiffany Mixon, Grace Mueller, Carly Nicolosi, Xariana Nieto, Emma Nordlund(2), Olivia Nowak(2), Rachel Paul, Erin Pierre(2), Amy Portillo(2), Fredesvinda Quinones, Lauren Ratz, Janel Rinehart(2), Lauren Roth(2), Martha Sizemore(2), Emily Venglar(2), Elli Wilson, Allison Skolmutch, Ashley Thibaut, Olivia Yang(3) and Aliya Zuberi